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It's time to learn how to finally release overwhelm, tame distractions, and stop being "busy" so that you can...

By signing up for The Velocity Year, you are saying "YES" to harnessing the power of


In just 12 weeks, my coaching approach will help you to achieve rapid shifts in 






And make your wildest dreams your reality 

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This is for you if...

  • You're always buzzing. Life is full of so many possibilities you're uncertain about what you should do next. You don’t know if you’re doing it “right” - you're feeling called to more, but you're not really sure what "more" means. You’re becoming discouraged by your career or business. You're outgrowing your current life. ​

  • Like many creative souls out there, you’ve got an endless supply of ideas. You are always excited to start working on them. You make plans but when it comes to execution, you lose stamina. You see other people in your community making their dreams a reality. They've got people in their corner and it seems like everything they say they are going to do, they achieve, (and everyone supports it) what makes THEM so special? And why are your ideas not making it past the paper?  

  • Even though you've accomplished some success, and everyone thinks you are doing ok… you feel scattered and unsure. And yet, you keep showing up and trying new things. The people who enter your world and support you, love what you do. You have this inner knowing that even though your impact isn't being felt on the scale you want right now, it's guaranteed! Something is urging you to trust yourself. To have faith. To try a new approach and take action. 


I approach goal setting differently 

Each person is unique. From our backgrounds, to our experiences, and  skills  no two people are alike. So it makes sense that no two people would have the exact same idea of success OR all the exact same desires. 

My methodology takes that into account and leaves space for YOU to define what you want. Together, we craft an irresistibly delicious personal vision that will act as the roadmap for your life. From there, I help you to look at your unique skills, passions, and lifestyle to determine what goals will help you move towards your vision faster - SO THAT YOU CAN LIVE OUT YOUR DREAM LIFE and IMPACT THE WORLD in a way that only you can. 

What awaits you in 
The Velocity Year? 


🌈 Craft Your Vision: Learn the art of shaping a vision that not only inspires but propels you forward. And learn how use it as a roadmap for navigating goal setting.


🔍 Uncover Your Values: Discover the core values that are your North Star in decision-making and goal-setting. Never second guess your next move. 



🚀 Goal Alchemy:  Master the science of setting and breaking down goals into actionable steps & achieve  accelerated results - Through my Velocity Year approach.


🛠️ Tools to measure your success. Take ownership of your week & measure progress , so that you can adjust your plan as you go - without losing momentum.

Weekly Sessions Designed for Your Success:

📊 1-Hour Strategy Sessions: Dive deep into personalized strategies crafted for your unique journey. 

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